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Gimme FIVE for Preschool Play!


Gimme FIVE for Preschool Play!


We have 5 quick key points that help illustrate the essential role that playgrounds play in early childhood development. Check them out!

  1. Play Promotes Healthy Physical Activity

    We all know kids have tons of energy and they will use that energy if they are inside or out. Play on playground equipment like swings, slides, and climbing structures help improve their gross and fine motor skills. You’ll notice kids practicing balance, coordination, and many more skills on the playground. Physical activity is beneficial in so many ways!
  2. Play Helps Form Social Skills
    There’s a reason we all remember life-lessons we learned on the playground. We learn so much while playing and interacting with our peers at a young age. While playing children learn to share, take turns, and cooperate with others. Communication skills improve as we practice listening, speaking, and understanding nonverbal cues. Kids learn so much without realizing they are learning while playing!
  3. Play Builds Creativity and Imagination
    You’ll notice a lot of creativity and imagination in children who are playing on a playground. Not only do they explore the actual physical play environment created for them, they build on that. A play structure that has a futuristic shape quickly becomes a spaceship weaving between stars and asteroids at great speeds. They create exciting games and scenarios, skills that our adult minds have long forgotten, but with just a little help from our youngest friends can be rekindled and you’ll be playing along sooner than you realize. It’s a beautiful world of creativity and these kids know how to make the most out of it all.
  4. Play Can Be Inclusive for All
    A playground designed with inclusivity in mind is an amazing place for all. Not only do siblings that have different abilities get to play together, but all children—both old friends and new friends—enjoy playing alongside each other unhindered by their limitations.
  5. Play is the Work of Children
    We’ve heard the old adage, “Play is the work of the child” - Maria Montessori. And nowhere does this ring more true than observing the work of a child on a playground. They interact with peers, use their imagination and creativity, and engage in physical activity. As the children play they build a sense of community and team-work many times.

These 5 points are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much that we could say about preschool playgrounds and their benefits for the students there. If your preschool playground could use an update we’d be happy to show you the options. Give us a call today! 205-663-5058

Our Customers Weigh In

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Cole Smith , Director of Parks & Recreation
Working with Struthers Recreation and their Representative, Alan Mumbower, has been a great experience. Too many times in the recreational field, companies only care about getting their product in your park and once it is there, they forget about you. That is not the case working with Alan and Struthers. They are great on the front end, helping to stay within budget and deciding what best fits your needs. They are great working with during the installation process and making sure things are being done correctly and not cutting corners, and on the back end, staying in touch to make sure you are happy with end results and making sure that everything continues to function as it should. They are always quick to help resolve any issues that may arise after installation, so you as the consumer remain happy, and your participants using the equipment have an enjoyable experience!
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Brooke Heisler , Preschool & MDO Director
We had such a positive experience working with Struthers Recreation! They were so helpful throughout the planning and installation process with excellent communication every step of the way. We are so pleased with the end result and the total transformation of our preschool playground. I would certainly recommend Struthers to anyone looking to upgrade an outdoor play space!
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Gail Wilking , Mayor
I have never worked with anyone as helpful as Struthers Recreation. They treated us as their special people. They completed their work on time, as promised, and continue to check on us. They are awesome!
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Adrian Cleckler , Director of Park Operations
After working in this field for over 20 years, there is no company I’d rather collaborate with. Struthers Recreation takes pride in their work, and it shows. It is difficult to find a company with such exceptional customer service and their attention to detail is far superior to others.
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Bonnie Sullivan , Principal
We truly had a wonderful experience with the people here. From the initial meeting to the completed project, they worked with us, planned efficiently, and created exactly what we needed! They listened to our ideas and were vey patient with us while creating the playground our school needed. Mr. Drew Warren, Project Manager, was very professional, assisted us in creating what we needed, and established a great partnership with us! He went above and beyond by always being prompt in returning calls, answering questions, and even attended our ribbon cutting! I give this company an A for being Awesome!