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Site Furnishings and Park Amenities

We're proud to serve as your park and recreation providers in Alabama, Mississippi and the Florida panhandle.

Park Accessories

We're here to help you choose the right benches, picnic tables, grills and trash receptacles to complete the perfect park. Through GameTime, Struthers Recreation offers turnkey solutions for park and recreation directors to create a community destination.

These park accessories are built with the same durable materials as our playground equipment. We're supported by a worldwide network of qualified recreation consultants. With our team of experts, you can make your park a welcome retreat for your community.

Benches - Leaf Bench Brainerd 102 1523301198


We offer a wide variety of benches to complete your park setting.

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Bike Racks - Leaf Bike Rack 38054 103 1503924762

Bike Racks

Help keep your community active by adding bike racks.

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Grills - Family Sized Grill  49 3669 1469735888 9A0Af0B9Cf187422F801D16F6C5Cb06B 104 1503924767


Families will picnic in your park if you add grills.

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Trash Cans - Arlington Receptacle Ul9310 105 1503924771

Trash Cans

You can keep your park clean by adding litter receptacles.

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Picnic Tables - 358 H P Classic Ada Table 2 1 106 1546881759

Picnic Tables

Add picnic tables to encourage park guests to stay longer.

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Shelters - 16 X 24 Hip End Shelter 490 1546976530


Shelters encourage park use even when the weather isn't optimal.

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Shade Structures - Wavecrest Shade 491 1546976533

Shade Structures

Shade structures add comfort, fun and style to any playground. Studies have shown that playgrounds that provide a comfortable play environment, including shade from the sun, encourage children to play longer and to realize more benefits from play.

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