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Yalp Interactive

A New Way to Play

Yalp Interactive

Yalp is "play" spelled backwards. Much like that changed perspective of the word play, Yalp creates unique interactive play equipment that incorporates technology and outdoor play and goes beyond traditional play equipment that is common today. Yalp is a new way to play!


At Yalp, we want to play, exercise, sport, and explore the world because it enriches our lives with a positive contribution to our physical, mental, and social health. We create inspiring environments that challenge both young and old to exercise and play, but it's all about having fun. Discover our solutions for creating fun play and sports spaces for your segment. Find all of our solutions.

We at Struthers Recreation love that Yalp products include those of all ages and abilities and get everyone #moving! Check out some of their products below.

Yalp Sona - 941 Nl Sona Campingde Pampel 20182 220503 161013 885 1651849018

Yalp Sona

Interactive Play & Dance Arch


The Yalp Sona Interactive dance and play arch challenges players with a range of innovative and engaging games and is an outstanding addition to any smart playground. Not only does it look super cool and modern, but the Sona is also durable and easy to maintain. It works intuitively: if you walk under the bow, it will immediately ask you if you want to play a game! The Sona is designed to be inclusive making playing outside available for everyone.

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Yalp Sutu - 539 Ru Sutu Adventure Kingdom Activity Park 2014 872 1651607459

Yalp Sutu

Interactive Ball Wall


The Yalp Sutu brings people together and encourages them to take part in active competition with friends. All the games have different levels and are challenging for all players, from beginner to advanced. The Sutu contains 16 illuminated LED panels that register ball contact using vibration sensors. Therefore, Sutu is not restricted to soccer only and usable for sports like tennis or basketball.

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Yalp Memo - 699 Nl Memo Obshoutwijk Cbsde Eshof 20164 873 1651608619

Yalp Memo

Interactive Play Pillars


The Yalp Memo Interactive play pillars are pedagogically valuable play equipment that challenges children and young people. The interactive play equipment for indoors and outdoors adapts itself to the present day and thus remains interesting. The Yalp Memo consists of a playing field and 7 columns equipped with a 360° LED touch screen that shows minimalistic arcade-like visual effects.

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Yalp Toro - 818 Nl Toro Edison College 20173 874 1651608624

Yalp Toro

Interactive Sports Arena


The Yalp Toro Interactive sports arena is a colorful multipurpose playground. In the compact sports field, children always move with plenty of contact with the ball. Since the game takes place in a small space, every player is involved in the game. The sloping corners and the four goals on each side of the sports arena keep the game, and every player is in motion. The Toro playing field challenges players to run free and play tactically.

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Yalp Fono - 759 Nl Fono Vinkenlaantje 2013 002 Jpg Web 894 1651849118

Yalp Fono

Interactive DJ Booth


The Netherlands is renowned for its highly professional DJs – now everyone can discover their musical talent with the Yalp Fono Interactive DJ-booth!

The Fono is designed to create something positive for teenagers and everyone young at heart. Music has always been and will always be a meaningful way to express your identity. Fono allows future DJs to explore your creativity.

Everyone in modern times has access to a smartphone or owns one. The Fono works with any smartphone. All functions are easy to understand and utterly open to creativity; there are no rules.

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