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Playground Surfacing

Safety Surfacing Choices

Safety and Quality — Creating a Great Surface Starts with Struthers Recreation

There are many reasons to consider different safety surfaces for your playground — two of the most important are SAFETY and QUALITY — both are offered by Struthers Recreation.

Choosing the best solution for playground surfacing for your project begins with learning more about what is available and the best applications of each. There are several exciting options offered by Struthers Recreation from GT Impax that are engineered to work with GameTime play systems. These options are matched to the required specifications for adequate safety surfacing. The safety of all the surfacing systems are calculated based on several factors including the fall heights of the play equipment. These surfaces meet all applicable standards noted by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), including F1951 for wheelchair accessibility, and F1292 for impact attenuation.

Poured In Place Rubber (PIP) - Pip Safety Surfacing Star 692 1646756230

Poured In Place Rubber (PIP)

Durable, Safe, and Accessible

One of the best safety surfaces for ADA accessibility is Poured in Place (PIP) Rubber. With highly colorful, custom inlaid shapes and designs created by our trained and certified installation crews, PIP is one of the most eye-catching and durable safety surfaces around. Lower maintenance costs over the lifetime of the surface highly offsets the initial investment of a PIP safety surface.

Gt Impax Poured In Place Rubber Product Info

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Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF) - Ewf Kids Purple Orange Rocker 220307 154922 693 1646756234

Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF)

Affordable, Safe, and Quick

Quick installation and economic price make Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF) a great choice for projects with stricter economical restraints. Although more economical at the beginning EWF will require more ongoing maintenance than some other surfacing. The maintenance can help uphold the depth of the material that keeps the surface compliant with applicable standards and warranty.

As the newly installed EWF settles it forms a compacted “carpeted” layer that supports a variety of mobility devices. EWF is non-toxic, not containing paint, chemicals, or additives.

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Synthetic Turf - Colorful Shadow Panels On Green Turf 694 1646756238

Synthetic Turf

Accessibility, Cushioned, and Draining

With the look of nature GT Impax Synthetic Turf is not only pleasing to the eye, it provides adequate cushioning, drainage, long wear, and ADA accessibility in playground surfacing. Synthetic turf is also a great low maintenance option.

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Recommended safety surfaces from our supplier GT Impax | Poured in Place Rubber, Engineered Wood Fiber, Synthetic Turf, Recycled Bonded Rubber, Recycled Rubber Loose Fill, Recycled Rubber Tiles, GT Court, & Pup Turf.

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