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With over 100 years of combined experience in the recreation and design industry, Struthers stands out in the industry as an exceptional company with a wonderful work environment. We work to cultivate a well-balanced and inspiring work culture that helps contribute to the amazing staff we have. As we rapidly grow we are always seeking new talented team members to compliment our current staff of experienced professionals in the recreation industry.


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About Struthers Recreation

Struthers Recreation is a family-owned and operated firm comprised of less than 20 employees, of whom, more than half have been on our team for over 5 years. The Struthers work environment provides opportunity for social interactions including grill & chill lunches in the Summer, holiday-themed gatherings, in-office quarterly sales meetings, and a yearly retreat. At Struthers Recreation we strive to create an environment that fosters team-work, cultivates creative thought, and provides a space where everyone's input is encouraged and appreciated. Our employees are not only coworkers, but friends.

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Stacy Perry, Project Designer & Office Manager


Working for Struthers Recreation has been an amazing journey thus far. I am currently in my tenth year as a project designer and every day brings with it a new experience. As a project designer, my days are filled with new challenges and although similar, no two projects are ever the same. With each new project, I am offered an opportunity to grow as a creative individual both professionally and personally. Struthers Recreation is a fun and energetic place to work and the passion we all have is infectious. We create spaces for children to play every day! I often find myself saying " I can't believe this is my job". I am thankful to be able to honestly say that I truly love my job, the people I work with, and the space I work in!

Stacy Perry

Candice Pilkington, Sales Support Administration/Order Entry


Struthers Recreation has always been friendly and supportive. With an attitude of excellence, we all work together and win as a team.

Candice Pilkington

Kelli Dailey, Marketing Coordinator & Sales Support Admin


Struthers Recreation is an amazing place to work. I'm still in my first year here in marketing, but I've never felt more encouraged and appreciated than I have here. My co-workers are all wonderful people, we work well together, and we work hard to keep this a place that is both fun and inspiring. Before working here I had no idea of all that goes into creating a great playground and recreation space. Working with this team of experienced professionals has helped me grow in so many ways. I look forward to many more years on Team Struthers!

Kelli Dailey

Traci Savage, Sales Support Administration/Order Entry


Struthers Recreation – a job or recreational service to our community? Recreational service of course!! What we do here makes me feel as if we are providing more than just a job, we provide FUN!!

Traci Savage