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Climbing Play: Why it's important


Climbing Play: Why it's important

When you visit a playground you'll quickly notice children gravitating toward climbing activities. It's a natural childhood activity that helps with development. Climbing usually happens naturally and you find yourself most often teaching your children when it's not safe to climb rather than teaching them how to climb. When a play area is well-designed there are varying levels of climbing challenges throughout the playground. However, some older and less maintained playgrounds may be in need of an update in this area.

Struthers Recreation can help you update your equipment to be inclusive to all!


What are the Benefits of Climbing Play?

There are numerous benefits to play, especially climbing play on the playground.

  • Strength - climbing walls or ladders helps build upper body, grip, and arm strength
  • Confidence - repeatedly flexing problem solving muscles and physical muscles can help boost children's confidence levels and mental focus
  • Coordination & Flexibility - stretching to climb increases and maintains flexibility and coordination
  • Brachiating Play - reaching overhead for encourages children to raise their arms and increases cardiovascular flow

More Inclusive?

We're seeing a great trend in playground design that includes more inclusive playground design. There are many ways to ensure that your play equipment is accessible and encourages children of all abilities to play. Check for accessible routes to and throughout the play environment. Design in a way that includes children who may use mobility devices to be able to transfer onto play structures. Think about the options available to all children once they are on the structure. The GameTime Sensory Wave Climber is an excellent sensory-rich climbing activity for everyone and every ability!


"This inclusive climber is designed with adapted hand and footholds at regular intervals and a transfer entry area, making it more usable for more people to enjoy the experience." (GameTime | School Playgrounds 101: Climbing Play)