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Playground Maintenance


Five Points of Playground Maintenance

This week at Struthers Recreation we are celebrating National Playground Safety Week. To help celebrate this week we're posting info that we hope is helpful as you work to prevent major issues and maintain the investment you have in playground equipment.

Look for and replace or repair items that are not in proper working order, and that could easily be broken.


POINT ONE | Swing Maintenance


  • Are the chains showing excessive wear and tear?
  • Are the chains twisted?


  • Are the s-hooks showing excessive wear and tear?
  • Do the s-hooks close within 0.04 inches?

Hangers, Bushings, & Seats

  • Are they in good condition?
  • Are the seats smooth?
  • Are the hangers showing excessive wear and tear?
  • If you have a tire swing, is it lightweight, smooth, and in good condition?
  • Are all moving components well lubricated and secure?

POINT TWO | Surfacing Maintenance

  • Is there any debris or foreign material that could be cleaned off? This can prevent tripping hazards.
  • Do you have loose fill surfaces (engineered wood fiber, loose rubber fill)?
  • Is the loose fill surface level and at the proper depth?
  • Is the surface under the slides and swings the proper depth?
  • Are your borders in good shape?
  • Are there any exposed footings or loose borders/curbs that could be hazards?
  • How is the drainage system working?
  • Is there any standing water on your surface?

POINT THREE | Gripping and Stepping Component Maintenance

  • Have you checked each hand gripping component? They should be secure and not rotating.
  • When you check the stepping surfaces, are they level, stable, and clean?

POINT FOUR | Slide Maintenance

  • Are the bedway and rails smooth and clear of debris?
  • Are there any entanglement hazards at the platform?
  • Any excessive wear and tear showing?

POINT FIVE | Fastener Maintenance

  • Are all fastener hardware present, tight, and fully engaged?
  • Have you checked for looseness from play?
  • Are any caps on top of uprights missing?
  • Are fittings and bearings functional, greased, and squeak free?
  • Are the turnbuckles properly engaged and adjusted?
  • How are the cables and ropes holding up?
  • Are the cables and ropes anchored and unraveled?
  • Have you checked for excessive wear and tear on each cable or rope?

By implementing a regular maintenance routine you'll best be able to protect your investment and the patrons of your playground, ensuring years of safe and fun playtime for all!