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Define: Brachiating





It's no coincidence one of the favorite elements on any playground is the monkey bars. While named for our fellow primates, both primates and humans enjoy BRACHIATING (overhead climbing & play) activities such as the monkey bars. Brachiating is more than just monkey-business, it has amazing health benefits for our human kids too. Climbing play can help children's development in many ways. Brachiating helps with muscle and nerve development, coordination and agility, strength-building, confidence, and motor skills like depth and distance judgment. Brachiating play can also have enormous benefits in the classroom.



Brachiating play is not only linked to improving overall health, fitness, and physical development, it also offers social-emotional benefits and supports skills that can lead to improved academic performance.

Brachiating stimulates both sides of the brain for greater integration and learning. As children engage in overhead climbing activities, they improve their hand-eye coordination- essential for fine motor skills and handwriting. As children accomplish various challenge levels and refine their skills, they build confidence and self-esteem. (GameTime)

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