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Three things you need to check on your playground after a severe weather event


Twisters, flooding, and hail, oh my!

Three things you need to check on your playground after a severe weather event


We all know that the price we pay for living in the beautiful southeastern United States is the extreme weather. From ridiculous humidity to summer-time droughts, and from hurricanes in the gulf to flying trampolines, there’s no end to the extremes we can experience in any three-month period. Make sure your playground is safe for play following any major severe weather event.

Inspect It

After any major weather event a good inspection is a necessity.

  1. Check for any erosion around playground equipment footings. If you notice any significant erosion shut the playground down and contact your playground manufacturer immediately.
  2. How’s the hardware? Check all the nuts and bolts to see if any are missing and tighten any that are loose. If you’re missing any hardware replace it immediately.
  3. Internal flooding? Many slides, climbers, and other playground components are double walled rotationally molded plastic pieces. In extreme flooding these can be filled with floodwater and need to be drained. It’s best to drill a small hole (about ¼” or smaller) on the underside in a low and unused area, for example the bottom of a slide.

It’s also a good idea to inspect all moving parts and safety surfacing throughout the playground. To learn more about how to inspect playgrounds after severe weather click here.

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