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The PrimeTime Odyssey has Landed


PrimeTime Odyssey from GameTime


It's been a long time since we've seen something this exciting and new hit the playground. The PrimeTime Odyssey playstructures are now ready to add to your playground design. The unique design and color choices can make this playstructure seem like something out of this world!

  • The playful, organic shape of PrimeTime Odyssey works with almost any color combination or theme. Create a space exploration, a giant flower garden, jungle cruise, or undersea adventure.
  • PrimeTime Odyssey is compatible with the full collection of PrimeTime climbers, panels, and slides. Mix and match the play components you love with an exciting new visual style.
  • We designed the uprights on PrimeTime Odyssey to curve inward and included louvre-style panels for playful, comfortable shade.
  • PrimeTime Odyssey pods at 5' deck heights and above include an internal climber.


Check out the new design and ask how soon you can have one in your park or playground!

See the PrimeTime Odyssey online catalog here. Visit GameTime's PrimeTime Odyssey web page for more info and photos.


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