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Outdoor Fitness Parks


Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks

Research is proving that Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks are providing a variety of meaningful outcomes to communities including engaging participants in substantially more moderate to vigorous physical activity. Together we can effectively promote the benefits of parks and outdoor fitness spaces as critical health solutions, by reducing sedentary-related illnesses and removing the barriers to a life of fitness.

Unique Benefits of Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks:

  • Free to users, providing needed resources especially in under served communities
  • People who exercise outdoors are more likely to engage in the activity longer than those who exercise indoors
  • Provide a social outlet for exercise
  • Can be enjoyed by people of all abilities and fitness levels
  • Provide exposure to fresh air, nature, and sunlight, which increases important levels of vitamin D
  • Offer Outdoor Adult Fitness Park owners an outlet for revenue generation through program agreements with certified personal trainers
  • Act as a catalyst to encourage the non-exercising population to engage
  • Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks located within sight lines of a playground promote active behavior in adult family members, increase the time spent at the playground, and help promote the importance of lifelong fitness to children
  • Promote pride of place among neighborhoods where Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks are located
  • May qualify for increased grant funding related to obesity prevention/reduction

Multiple studies have shown a variety of increased benefits of outdoor exercise and new innovations are engaging adults of all abilities through creative Outdoor Adult Fitness Park initiatives across the U.S. This includes improved psychological and physiological health, disease prevention, improved adherence to regular exercise, decreased tension and depression, increased energy, greater satisfaction levels, and access to green environments.

We offer a wide selection of outdoor fitness equipment and solutions to help your community combat the health risks associated with obesity. From fitness-inspired playground designs for children to outdoor fitness equipment for adults of all ages and abilities, GameTime's fitness products are backed by research and proven to be innovative, fun and effective.

The information provided here is condensed from PlayCore’s Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks Best Practices Guidelines.