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Sadie Struthers, AKC Registered

Head Morale Booster


Born in 2012, Sadie the Lab joined our team in February of 2019. She is responsible for providing petting opportunities to lower blood pressure after stressful phone calls, laughs about her sleeping habits and general happiness throughout the office. She also participates in our after lunch clean up and is more than happy to assist any teammate in the kitchen whenever taste testing needs to occur. Sadie has incredible hearing and can make it to any office in seconds flat when any type of food packaging is rustled and those big doughy eyes will have you handing it over to her before you know it! She is solely responsible for greeting everyone at the door in the morning and she bravely makes sure that we're all protected from the Fed Ex delivery man on a daily basis! Sadie's favorite past times include sleeping, snacking, spending time with her step sis Phoebe and duck hunting whenever she gets the chance!