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GameTime Helps Imaginations Take Flight in Mobile, Alabama


Thanks to donations, time and hard work from Airbus, Mobile Airport Authority, City of Mobile and Friends of Doyle Park, there is a new aviation-themed playground in Mobile, Alabama.


The playground was designed by J.A. Dawson & Company, GameTime’s exclusive representative in Alabama, and features custom panels, climbers and play activities that depict various aspects of air travel. The park is adjacent to the Mobile Aeroplex at Brookley and includes sports fields, walking trails and an observation area where families can watch planes arrive and depart while at play. Here’s a look at the new playground:


J.A. Dawson designers worked with GameTime’s custom play division, PlayWorx, to develop the project. There is a fuel truck climber with working steering wheels and a crawl tube in back that’s perfect for younger children, as well as two toddler swings.


Custom routed panels depict the features of an airplane, like the tail, wings and windows. There is an arrival gate at the top of a climber and a departures gate at the top of a slide. These little details make the playground a fun place for children to imagine they are taking a trip anywhere in the world, or welcoming friends and family home from a long journey.

There are plenty of slides and climbers throughout the playground, and varying heights and degrees of challenge. This is important, because children play in different ways, and as they grow older, their style of play changes. It’s important for a playground to address the developmental needs of children as they change over time.


The entire play area features a poured rubber surface for soft landings with fun runway graphics to help childrens' imaginations take off as they play throughout the playground.